Pyramid Ibiza
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Location Amnesia / Ibiza / ESP
Minimum age 18 Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to guests
Features Included drinks and equipment


Pyramid Ibiza: Appreciate the past, live the present, dance into the future
Musical style: techno, deep house and organic sounds.

Pyramid Ibiza is not only a concept fed by the present with an eye on the future, but the party also shows pride in the club and the island’s past. For this reason, Pyramid’s mantra for this 2020 season is: Appreciate the past, live the present, dance into the future.

Appreciate the past: Pyramid highlights the values and the essence that made Ibiza and Amnesia a worldwide reference for clubbing: quality music, a carefully designed production and a very special energy.

Respect for tradition doesn’t mean neglecting progress, but the very opposite. Pyramid Ibiza has built a futurist environment that at the same time brings back the best from the past. We had a clear example last year with Ricardo Villalobos, Paco Osuna and Mar-T's 20th anniversary as Amnesia residents.

Live the present: In 2020, Pyramid Ibiza’s heart beats stronger than ever. After a second Ibiza season full of memorable moments and collaborations with international promoters such as Epizode Vietnam, Diynamic, Mdrnty or Sunwaves, Pyramid is back to the electronic music mecca. Every Sunday, from July 5th to September 27th, the doors to a new experience will open to change the way you understand and interact with a clubbing event.

The first opportunity to travel to Pyramid will be next July 5th. An opening party like the old days, with the hottest artists and an ambitious look into the future. Ricardo Villalobos, Four Tet, Floating Points, Charlotte de Witte, Marcel Dettmann, Cuartero, Luca Donzelli and Bec will break ground on this new Pyramid season.

Dance into the future: Nowadays, due to climate change, when we close our eyes, we imagine a future of great forests and natural landscapes full of life. Pyramid’s concept, from the decoration to the dancers’ bodysuits, is based in the construction of a natural environment. All the decoration is thought through to the last detail to make you travel to a wild forest created from organic materials brought from different places around the world.

To highlight even more this future sensation, Pyramid’s production counts with the latest technologies in 3D lighting, lasers and the screening of visual works. A combination that creates the feeling of being in a whole different reality.


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